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‘Wat ik kan betekenen als freelance kok voor u bedrijf ? ’

‘Freelance kok’

Golden Tulip

‘With great passion, innovation and perseverance, Upcuisine has made a success of many trainings.’

Hotel Manager Golden Tulip Strandhotel Westduin

I got to know Tim Sinke through my work for Strandhotel Westduin. With great passion, innovation and perseverance, he has made a success of many trainings. As a cooking consultant of Culi Club Westduin Tim Sinke has hosted successful workshops for a large number of groups from 6 to 120 people.

Hotel Aan de Dam

‘Tim is flexible, works on-site and prepares meals smoothly.’

For groups (up to 16 people) who want to enjoy a ‘custom-made dinner’, Hotel Aan de Dam makes use of Upcuisine´s services. Tim is flexible, works on-site and does the largest part of his mise en place externally. After that, preparing meals goes smoothly and at a good pace. Furthermore, he thinks along with us about menu suggestions and menu pricing. Tim has cooked successfully for many groups over the past five years.

Attitude Elements & De Zwerm Groep

‘Tim has the strength to react naturally to various behavioural attitudes with a great sense of humour and joy.’

By now we, together with Tim Sinke, are about to organise our eleventh training evening on the theme of ‘Impact of Behaviour’. The evening programme with cooking is a part of a comprehensive multiple-day training course. It is a unique course in which differently composed groups run a mini restaurant, cook and work together. When assembling these teams, we work with MDI behavioural profiles which have been filled in beforehand. This has consequences for the chef. He works with teams which operate in widely differing ways because of various behavioural attitudes. Tim has the strength to react naturally to that with a great sense of humour and joy. He is a fantastic supervisor, who manages to guide people whilst giving everyone their space. He effortlessly guards the strict HACCP standards and can guide the participants into the culinary world of wonder in a completely relaxed way. The aim of the cooking workshop is, aside from the production of a great meal, to observe the different behavioural approaches of the participants so that these can be gone into later on, when the behavioural profiles are discussed. This way participants experience the various behavioural attitudes in a very natural and clear fashion. Later on, in the follow-up programme, this is linked to the theory and ultimately to commercial goals of the organisation. Our intensive cooperation has brought fantastic results. All parties are fully satisfied.

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